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Project Description
Chat with friends and co-workers over your local intranet. Youll no longer have to worry about finding your way around a complicated interface! Developed in C#.Net this application is great for windows systems!

Planned Features:
As well as just the basic chat room style of the program we hope to be able to include the following features:
  • Private Chats (Single person to single person) - GUI CREATED
  • Multiple rooms for different chat topics
  • Admin control, with commands such as kick and ban as well as "silence" MENU ITEMS ADDED
  • Smilies, because everyone loves them
  • Customization of application text and backgrounds colors and fonts.
  • Changeable fonts and colors for chat text (similar to Windows Live Messenger) 2 SIMPLE THEMES ADDED

If anyone is interested in being part of this project please feel free to contact me. My email address is

If anyone finds a bug or mistranslation in LanChats source code, or if you feel you have a better method for us to use, please feel free to correct it and upload it as a patch. We will then review your changes and apply then as appropriate.
Click the following link to upload a patch

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